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Products & Services

Our products are inspired by flavours from all around the world. We pride ourselves on offering a full bespoke research and development service to create new and innovative recipes, working with clients from the initial conception of the recipe through to brand consultancy. Our extensive experience in Industry makes us well placed to offer more then a simple product we offer a partnership. We offer all our products in a range of sizes, bottles and packaging, all of which can be sourced at competitive rates and manufactured in the U.K to meet the British Retail Consortium standards. 


Our consultancy services are complimentary. We view every client as a an extension of our own little family and build relationship on a foundation of trust and loyalty. Our goal is always to ensure that the client is 100% happy with our service; and so we thought we would put something on paper;  Eastern Country Food Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  


We are really passionate about great food and would welcome challenge for our New Product Development team.


Nutritional Supplement for treatment of moderate to acute malnutrition. Developed for children  6 months old and up.  This product is also suitable for other groups of people suffering from moderate malnutrition (adolescents, pregnant women, nursing mothers, adults). The average child stays on the RUTF programme for six weeks and consumes about 11kg of RUTF. The project's studies have shown that 95 percent of malnourished children on this formula recover in six to eight weeks. Dosage (for up to eight weeks): 

1. Unit per day for child weighing 5kg.

2. Units per day for child weighing 10kg.

Vita-nutriment targeted supplement programmes or general supplementation for children from 6 to 59 months. Other products include:

· Vita-Nutributter - 6 to 24 months

· Vita-Soy - 2 years+

We are in non-profit partnership with 1-World Charity (, where we are supporting them in developing sustainable manufacturing and distribution channels of  R.U.T.F products in regions where it is in desperate need. 

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